“So…I’m struggling with how to respond after reading that. I have a lot of emotions going on. I don’t know if I’m more full of anger…or sorrow…or what. There are some parts that are tough for me to relate to, because my childhood was relatively stabile. There are other parts…that I can definitely relate to, that might be surprising to know, maybe sometime I’ll share some stuff with you. I hope that writing all this and sharing it is…on some level therapeutic for you? I really feel kinda humbled that you feel comfortable enough with me (and well the rest of the internet) knowing all this. After getting like half way through it, I wanted to give that little girl a hug, and then I started to cry….so thanks for that! It also made me thing about what it’s probably like for a lot of the kids I see every day. So yeah…I don’t want to ramble, but I’m like on some emotionally shifting ground atm.”

“Wow! I’m so glad you have the courage to write that all down. A lot of it sounds like my own story. Depression and suicide is something I’ve struggled with since I can remember and I probably always will.I realized I felt the same way about God and church. I’ve never voiced it out loud to anyone, but honestly, I’m not sure I believe at all anymore. But I’m not 100% sure about that yet. And the God I’ve known my whole life (not the one the church portrays) wouldn’t have a problem with that. If his love is unconditional than it’s unconditional, 100%….and that includes people who don’t believe. If there is a God, I believe he looks at our hearts, period. I really hope you share your story publicly (if you haven’t already). It can help SO many people. It’s really important for others to realize it’s OK to talk about it and admit they need help. Keep up the writing!”

“I loved this blog!”